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Jobhawk is the new construction labour marketplace.

We're helping the UK's leading subcontractors find the best bricklayers, carpenters and other tradesmen, with less effort.

We send your job only to the right tradesmen.

Make offers - no need for phone calls!

We notify you immediately when tradesmen apply.

The first tradesman to accept your offer is HIRED!

A better way to hire tradesmen

Hire anytime, anywhere

We're letting our project foremen use Jobhawk to hire bricklayers right from the building site.
Swift Brickwork

Saves time - no phone calls

Our project managers now have far more time to focus on delivery.
Pantera Carpentry

Reach more candidates

The younger generation are finding jobs in new ways - Jobhawk makes us look more professional.
Wolfe Bricklaying

CSCS is pre-verified

Jobhawk gives us increased confidence about the guys that will be showing up.
T&K Timber Engineering

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It's easy, I applied with one tap.
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Now I see more jobs in more places.
Sam, dryliner


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No agency fees, more cash for me.
Pete, bricklayer


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I need a job now – and got it.
Matt, foreman